We try to answer the most common questions here. Please feel free to contact us for any special request using the contact form.

Which affiliates websites are supported?

At this very moment, we only support amazon.com and amazon.fr . Many other affiliates will be added very soon hopefully, and we are not talking about Amazon websites only. We can also treat other e-commerce websites. Feel free to contact us for any special request. We will look further into it!


Why is loading my analysis results taking too long?

This might be related to many factors, such as the server speed, your internet connection speed, etc… Either way, to make the analysis’ results loading page faster, try to delete any old analysis that you are 100% certain you won’t need anymore. Remember, any delete action made by any user will be erased from our storage servers.

How come that two analysis made on the same website without any change in posts made, don’t cost the same amount of credits?

We only debit the credits based on the affiliates links and the posts links we inspect successfully. From time to time, it is possible that a certain link couldn’t be inspected.

Is there any way to execute an analysis without having to wait for the next day?

This is perfectly understandable. Any user would like to have an instant reply about any analysis results. And to answer that, we are very much likely to add this feature in the near future hopefully!

I have made a mistake by skiping a project’s analysis. What do i do to undo this?

Simple. Just go to to “My projects” under the “Manage projects” menu. Then select the concerned project. After that, click on the “Save changes” button without having to change any data in the project. The analysis date should be reset, taking into consideration the last analysis date, and the frequency of analysis chosen.

I have deleted an analysis or a project. Any way to get back the lost data?

Unfortunately, there is no way for us to retrieve any deleted data. If you delete it on your side, we delete everything associated to it in our system.

 What does providing an affiliate id change exactly in the analysis data?

All the affiliate links that we find in the website provided, would be highlighted either as valid or as invalid links. Invalid links don’t contain or don’t match the affiliate ID that you provided.